Welcome To The Bio Kenko Tea

GOLDEN RICH International is a preeminent distributor of BIO KENKO TEA products in Vietnam and other parts of the world. We are delightful in offering Vietnamese consumers the brand of BIO KENKO TEA, which is made by deploying Japanese modern and advanced technology, sourced out from 100% natural ingredients in Japan.

BIO KENKO TEA is one of the best quality tea manufacturers from Japanese Burdock, bestowed with enormous health benefits and keeps the body immune to diseases.

Our business motto is to render qualitative tea products at a nominal price that enhances the health of the customers. We conduct a thorough research for the customer’s taste preferences to achieve maximum delight rate.

Benefits Of Bio Kenko Tea

Body Purification

The environmental pollution takes a toll on our health, and unhealthy food makes us disease-stricken. Owing to our unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, we pave theway for excessive toxins into our body. While you get started with just one cup of Bio Kenko Tea,you would see what a positive difference it can bring. All your body toxins and heavy metalsare going to beeliminated in no time.

Enhances Digestive System

Drink one cup of BIO KENKO TEA on a daily basis to improve your digestion processwith a complete intestinal cleansing. Plus, you can get relief from problems like constipation, hemorrhoids, and flatulence. Overall, you can bid adieu to your digestion related issues by consuming this tea.

Stronger Immune System

Did you know that 80% of our immune system rely on the digestive system? Yes, you read it right. With improvement in digestion, you can solidify your immune system. BIO KENKO TEA possesses vitamin C content which offers benefits like:

1. Better immunity

2. Higher white blood cell production

3. Rise in collagen production

4. Faster disease recovery

Cancer Prevention

The good thing about BIO KENKO TEA is that it prevents cancer, a fatal disease. Wondering how? Well, burdock is enriched with antioxidant and anti-inflammatoryproperties that restrictthe development of cancer cells inside the human body. Isn’t it amazing!


Within research and experimentation, it has been found that burdock is high in antioxidant properties compare to spinach. If you want to detoxify your body, then this tea is a great option to go with.

Reverses Aging

Want to be an ageless beauty? With BIO KENKO TEA, you can always look young and radiant. It treats sleep disorder and reduces the anxiety level. Not only this, but it purifies blood, thereby giving clear and glowing skin. One more thing, it is useful in treating hormonal imbalance and hair loss prevention.